IT Telecom and Infrastructure

Servers & Storage

COS offers superior solutions for your specific Server and Storage demands through our world class partners providing our customers with the best cost effective solutions. We provide both custom pre-made and after sales such as storage, connectivity, virtualization and servers.

Servers are the heart of your operation which is designed to manage, collect, send and process data, without adequate storage capacity it’s not possible for servers to be operating at its highest and most productive levels. We provide server & storage solutions with increased reliability and decreased downtime.

Server services include:

  • Server Hosting
  • Server Implementation
  • Server Integration & Virtualization
  • Data center consolidation

Storage services include:

  • Storage Implementation
  • Storage Management
  • Storage Consolidation
  • Storage Virtualization
  • Data Protection & Data Migration

COS provides Server and Storage Solutions based on technologies from HP and Dell. Our solution includes complete file system audit, data classification, information storage survey and reporting, growth pattern and trend establishment, component selection, sizing of hardware and software storage, integration of the entire solution.

COS bring forth cabinet, rack and cable management solutions for data centers, communication equipment rooms and applications within the cabling enterprise with superior performance, scalability and reliability.


COS specializes in providing voice, data, fiber optic and LAN rollouts based on reliable, high quality and standards based cabling and network infrastructure.

Structured cabling is a kind of cabling solution that organizes your infrastructure and helps to future-proof your business by accommodating any new hardware you add while supporting the increasing amount of data.

Structured cabling systems use product sets, like fiber optic enclosure and fiber optic trunks, to enable a static cabling infrastructure to adapt to the changing landscape of data center hardware migrations.

Our structured cabling solutions can plan, design, install, maintain, troubleshoot and upgrade any size network.

A well-designed structured cabling system can:

  • Increase uptime
  • Optimize scalability
  • Maximize return on investment
  • Decrease technology footprint (amount of space a particular unit of hardware or software occupies)
  • Minimize operating expenses


COS implements advanced security measures that include Antivirus, Firewall, Intrusion Prevention and VPNs from major IT vendors.

Disaster & Backup

COS provides a complete IT business continuity solution to businesses that protects and restores data, servers and entire data centers from natural or man-made disasters and ensure fast recovery of your systems, applications and data after a system or storage outage.

We simplify disaster recovery and resume operations quickly and smoothly with a single solution that protects your physical, virtual and cloud environments. Also enable you to replicate backups to remote sites and multiple clouds.